Mobile UX & UI Design

Project Overview

Matchbook is an iOS app designed to help you keep a personalized map of places you enjoy and those you’ve yet to try. I collaborated with the Matchbook team to design new experiences and improve the clarity and consistency of the existing interface.

Services Provided

  • User Experience Design (UX)
  • User Interface Design (UI)
  • Custom Icon Design
  • Product Design Consulting

Architecture and Experience Design

As the Matchbook app was developed, it became necessary to restructure the app to accomodate additional views. I worked with the Matchbook team to reimagine the UX for the application’s primary navigation, bookmark views, and controls for sorting and filtering bookmarks.

iOS App List View
“My Bookmarks” – List View
iOS App Map View
“My Bookmarks” – Map View

Establishing UI Style Guidelines

When I joined the team, Matchbook was already live in the App Store, and had previously undergone several rounds of design iteration. I reviewed the existing design assets and combined them into a UI style guide, defining components and creating a visual language for use across the application.

Brand and iOS App Style Guide

Custom Icons and Simplified Typography

During the process of designing UI Guidlines, two of the app’s three existing typefaces were replaced and supplemented with usage recommendations. I also designed a set of custom icons to provide consistency and clarity for the primary functions and controls within the application.

Facade Font Preview
Thirsty Rough Font Preview
American Typewriter Font Preview
Custom Outline Icon Set
Primary UI icon set
Custom Icon Set
Secondary UI icon set

From Onboarding to Detail Views

During approximately a year of collaboration with the Matchbook team, we redesigned nearly every view in the app, from the onboarding experience to settings screens and transactional Emails. If you’d like to see more of the app, visit the App Store to download and try it out.

iOS App Restaurant Bookmark
A bookmarked place on Matchbook

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