Product, UX, & UI Design

Project Overview

ContentWriters provides a platform for purchasing freelance content writing services from a large network of professional writers. I was asked to help reimagine their order process and onboarding, as well as provide a visual design system for their UI.

Services Provided

  • Product Design Consulting
  • User Interface Design (UI)
  • User Experience Design (UX)

A Simple, Conversational UI

The primary goal of this redesign was to simplify the content ordering process as much as possible while gathering all the information writers need to produce relevant, accurate content. Since writing is at the core of the ContentWriters brand, we also hoped to produce a more casual, conversational tone for the interface. I knew these content experts would write the final quips, but I suggested playful language in the design mockups to spur their imagination.

Order Content: Step 1
Step 1 of the ContentWriters Content Ordering UI

Consolidation and Consistency

I reviewed the colors, typography, and interface component patterns in use on the ContentWriters platform, and tried to simplify and apply consistency wherever possible. The result was a set of reusable UI components and a streamlined color palette that their developers can apply globally to new and existing interfaces. This has the dual benefit of improving the experience for customers and streamlining the frontend development process.

UI Visual Design Guide
Sample UI components – inlcuding basic input states and color palette swatches.

Rethinking the Product

As part of the redesign process, it was clear that we needed to introduce a notion of "projects" into the ContentWriters interface ā€“ as each project can include several pieces of content around a single topic or theme. By creating a single “brief” for each project, the checkout process is streamlined for the customer and provides more accurate information for the writers.

Shopping Cart
The reimagined cart and checkout experience.

A Brand New Welcome Mat

Working backwards from the redesigned onboarding, checkout, and cart experiences, I provided a visual overhaul of the ContentWriters homepage. The focus of this page was to invite users to begin the content ordering process immediately, while leveraging imagery from writing samples.

Shopping Cart
A redesigned homepage with sample content.

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