Product, UX, & UI Design

Project Overview

Devpost helps the world’s best software engineering students find their dream jobs. I provided design consulting for their primary job search and student profile application, as well as their digital marketing properties, Email templates, and other digital assets.

Services Provided

  • Product Design Consulting
  • User Interface Design (UI)
  • User Experience Design (UX)

Powering Industry-Leading Engineering Teams

Devpost’s primary goal is to place engineers at internships and jobs with the world’s best companies. I redesigned the primary search interface to allow for improved filtering, tagging based on job / internship type, and company discovery. These design patterns also informed the styling of UI components across other pages and email notifications.

Job and Company Discovery UI
Job and Company Discovery UI

Getting All the Crucial Details

By hosting worldwide hackathons, Devpost has built a vast network of young developers searching for a chance to jumpstart their career. The detailed information companies provide is unique to the platform, so the job / internship detail view was completely redesigned to highlight this rich information in a clear format.

Internship Detail View
Internship Detail View

Upgrading Company Administration

In order to encourage companies to complete their profile and provide the most accurate job listings possible, I redesigned the comapny administration interface, providing both wireframes and final UI mockups for the application.

Company Administration Interface
Company Administration Interface

Bringing Company Profiles Up to Speed

I restructured and redesigned the company profile page to match the data from the redesigned company administration interface. The updated UI introduces a more graphical representation of the information, and provides additional space for internship programs and opportunities.

Company Profile View – Internship Panel
Company Profile View – Internship Panel

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