Web Design & Frontend Development

Project Overview

Lambise is a blended ale crafted specifically for cocktails by Anheuser-Busch. I designed a custom website introducing the product and providing information on the history of its creation. I designed a custom website to introduce the world to the product, provide background on it’s history, and explain it’s creation.

Services Provided

  • Web Design
  • Photo Retouching / Processing
  • Frontend Development

The Age Gate Experience

Due to the fact that Lambise contains alcohol, users need to verify their age (21+) before viewing the site’s content. I designed the experience and built the functionality for verifying the user’s age, incorporating cookies to ensure that returning visitors would not need to reverify.

Age Gate Preview
Lambise age gate experience – Visit the Page
Lambise Website Handheld Preview

Mobile-first Web Design

The Lambise website was designed mobile-first – for each page of the site, mobile layouts were designed at the beginning of the layout process to account for the constraints of very small displays. In a later part of the design process, I also retouched and composited photographs of the product and its core ingredients to illustrate the care with which Lambise was crafted.

In addition to several custom “story” pages, I also designed templates for a blog and cocktail recipe gallery, allowing for the addition of visually consistent posts and pages for the duration of their launch campaign.

I collaborated with the brilliant minds at M Booth on this project – their team provided product photography and Tumblr theme development.

Lambise Website Desktop Preview
Lambise homepage – View the Site

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