Reactive Ops

Branding & Web Design

Project Overview

Reactive Ops is a premium DevOps consulting firm focused on providing clients with the highest level of customer support through close collaboration. I designed a brand identity and website conveying their unique offerings and philosophy.

Services Provided

  • Corporate Identity Design
  • Brand Strategy
  • Web Design
  • Frontend Development
Reactive Ops Brand Identity

Corporate Identity

We crafted the Reactive Ops logomark to represent the core components of the brand: speed, reliability, and sophisication. The mark was designed to be impactful unaccompanied and maintain integrity at very small sizes such as browser tab and mobile touch icons.

Brand Guidelines

As part of the branding process, we produced a full brand usage guide which outlined brand-specific colors, typography, appropriate logo usage, and more. The guide also declares the company’s mission statement, providing focus and direction as the brand develops.

Brand Typography
Brand Color Palette
Customized Icon Set

Custom Web Design and Development

The Reactive Ops website was designed to bring the brand to life for potential clients and their team members. Specifically tailored to developers, technical stakeholders, and other web-savvy individuals, the site was built using cutting-edge techniques and optimized to be exceptionally fast.

I worked with my team at Gestalt Interactive to build this site using HTML, SASS, JavaScript, and Jekyll.

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SVG assets for speed and resolution independence
Customized icons and hand-tailored animations
Fully-responsive case study slideshow & templates
Website Redesign Homepage Preview

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