Sterling Affair

Web Design & Development

Project Overview

Sterling Affair provides the tri-state area with full service event catering and management. I redesigned and rebuilt their website to showcase their expertise, local networks, and exceptional food.

Services Provided

  • Web Design
  • Frontend Development
  • Custom CMS Development

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Bytes

Sterling Affair produces incredibly picturesque events – everything from the silverware to the cake frosting is beautiful. Despite having countless photographs of their work in action, their team was unable to showcase them on the company website. I was asked to change that.

I began by scouring their photo archive, selecting those that best conveyed the magnificent creativity, technique, and attention to detail Sterling Affair brings to all their events. Then, I designed templates that placed these stunning images in the spotlight, letting the photography speak for itself.

Website Redesign Desktop Preview
A Sterling Affiar – View the Site

Fully Responsive for an Active Audience

Part of Sterling Affair’s unique offering is their dedicated geographic focus – the Greater New York City area. For their busy clients, exploring options for catering and event services was something they wanted to do quickly and with confidence. I made sure visitors were presented with an excellent experience – regardless of whether they were on their phone in a cab or a laptop at the office.

Website Redesign Tablet Preview
Website Redesign Handheld Preview

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