Web Design & Development

Project Overview

Supergoop! is a premium brand of broad-spectrum sunscreen products. I have been consulting for Supergoop! since early 2015, providing ongoing feature development and maintenance for two generations of its growing Ecommerce platform.

Services Provided

  • Digital Strategy Consulting
  • Development Team Leadership
  • User Experience Design (UX)
  • Web Development

Supporting Metrics-based Digital Marketing

My team provides technical support for the Supergoop! digital marketing team, integrating the engagement and analytics tools that power their messaging campaigns to consumers. These projects have included newsletter subscription, ad retargeting, live chat, abandonded cart messaging, and SMS campaign subscription features, among others.

Supergoop! Blog List View
Supergoop! Blog List View

Agile Ecommerce Feature Development

In addition to supporting Supergoop! in their digital marketing efforts, we also provide web development and design services, as needed, to help build new functionality for content, Ecommerce promotions, and customer care features expected of premium online retailers. Most recently, this included the design and implementation of the new “Sunny-side Up!” blog. We follow an agile methodology, which allows us to deliver and pivot quickly as business goals (and seasons) change.

Supergoop! Blog Article View
Supergoop! Blog Article View

An Outsourced, In-house Team

Providing weekly support to Supergoop for over three years, we operate much like an in-house development team, with weekly sprint planning and review meetings. Our history working closely with them has given us insight into the top priorities for their customers and their business, allowing us to tailor technology recommendations to their unique brand, voice, and business objectives.

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